Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Polished by KPT "Life In Pink"

Well as most of you know I am a HUGE indie fan, it makes up a quarter of my current collection and is always growing. I am always keen to try new indie brands and support small businesses. And some brands I go on to expand my collection and buy loads more of their polishes.

I currently own SEVEN Polished By KPT polishes, one of the newest being Life In pink. Life In Pink is a gorgeous thermal which goes from a hot pink when in its cold state to almost clear, with a slight pink hue to it. There are iridescent flakes and squares through the polish which adds to the gorgeousness on this polish!

 This is Life In Pink in its warm state.  I love how simple yet sparkly my nails looked with this. My hands were so warm throughout most of the day so my nails looked like this majority of the time. This is the thing I love about thermals, it's like having two different manis in one go!

 Here is Life In Pink in transition from cold to warm, it's an effortless gradient (which is a staple mani of mine!) 

 And finally in the cold state. I'm not much of a pink lover but love this. The iridescent glitter throughout the polish adds a depth to this polish I didn't expect.

The only downside to this was the polish was quite gloopy, I'm sure some thinner before my next application will fix this, but it made it hard to apply and small bubbles did appear because of the thick coats. I spoke to Katherine about this and she was lovely and apologetic about this, and it hasn't put me off buying any of further polishes. Kelvin Bleu is one of my first indies that ignited my love for thermals! 

I bought this from www.rainbow-connection.co.uk but follow @polishedbykpt on Instagram for information on stockists in your area.

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