Monday, 25 November 2013

Showing Some Indie Love

Indie polish makes up a nice proportion of my collection. I love how each indie brand is unique and each indie maker puts their own stamp on everything they make. There's a little love in every bottle. And when you get to know each indie maker too you realise just how awesome they are!

I have been struggling to decide on what to do with my nails for OVER 24 hours! Had so many ideas but little time to accomplish most of these ideas. This probably isn't helped by the amount of gorgeous polish I own! I decided I wanted to try some on my new Indie polishes. 
In the end I chose these two from two different friends. 
Party Girl Lacquer "Magic Fruit Punch" by my friend Christina (@partygirllacquer or @christinastalents on IG) and Fat Puss Polish "Fur-Baby" by my friend Jessica (@clawsforpaws on IG)
Magic Fruit Punch is an amazing glitter bomb with a bit of flair 😉 has great payout in each stroke!
Fur-Baby is a loveable baby pink with silver flecks and shimmer throughout, has a beautiful formula and is so easy to apply!

I started with my base coats of Essie Grow Stronger and OPI Nail Envy. 
Then I applied two coats of Fat Puss Polish "Fur-Baby" and allowed to dry completely. 

I love the final effect of these polishes together, the glitter bomb has some spectraflair in it so adds a gorgeous silver hue to the tips, making the gradient effortless. The shimmery pink base adds a little something to the overall effect and matches in with some colours in the glitter bomb. 
I wanted each push to shine in their own rights yet work together. It's likes Christmas mani without being obviously Christmassy! An who doesn't love a bit if bling, even if it's just on your nails!

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