Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What a difference!

I've been looking back through some pictures tonight (sorry if I spammed anyone's IG with likes, couldn't sleep! Lol) and found a picture from just four weeks ago of my itty bitty baby claws! Compared to my nails now they're shocking!!

I grew out my nails and reshaped them each week too to try and gain a more oval/round shape. 
In a mere 4 weeks my nails went from that ^ ^ to these...
Ok I have a little staining ATM but nothing some whitening toothpaste won't fix! I followed my nail care routine (see previous blog post) and ended up with these in only 4 weeks. Never have I had natural nails like this. I'm in love!

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Thanks :-D


  1. Wait? How does whitening toothpaste help? Can you do a tutorial of in or something please? ty!

    1. The whitening toothpaste helps remove stains gently from yours nails. If you get an old toothbrush and use the toothpaste and scrub your nails they should come up cleaner. I use it if I've eaten a curry or something and it's stained my nails! Lol

    2. yay! Thanks! I have some horrid staining, that won't budge, my friends take the mick out of me -_- hahah, thanks!

    3. Some polishes are really bad for staining. If you use the base coat I gave you and if you use colours like blue or red try using a white base underneath too. It helps with the staining sometimes! :)