Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sindie Pop Swatch

Ok so I know this polish isn't new in the world of indies but it is something beautiful that I just HAD to share!
Golden Raspberries has been a lemming if mine for a long time, but Sindie Pop Cosmetics do not ship to the UK (break out the violin here!) BUT I am lucky to have an amazing US friend who let me get my order sent to her and we forwarded it on to myself. Safe to say I squealed when my package arrived (She sent me an awesome package that really lifted my spirits. Pictures on my IG and video on my YouTube!)
Strangely even though I've had Golden  Raspberries for months, I haven't actually used it until now. So here, in all it's glory: Golden Raspberries by Sindie Pop Cosmetics!

Seriously worth the wait! Here it is in all it's macro glory! Because you know you have to macro all the polish!

Apologies for the awkward hand pose here but I've been posing for so long with my Cinderella hand I've almost forgot how to pose with my right had!! 

I love the varieties of golden glitters that are used in this polish, adds a gorgeous depth to the polish. And the base colour is just as gorgeous, in some lights it looks purple, others a wine colour, but each is beautiful. 
My swatches were two coats of Golden Raspberries topped with HK Girl Topcoat. 

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