Sunday, 5 January 2014

Uh-oh! Nubbins Ahoy!

Bad news people! I had quite a bad nail break today which just wasn't salvageable and I've ended up trimming all my nails back so I can start a fresh. Three of them had split and were held on with glue so it was inevitable really. It feels so strange after having gorgeous long nails for so long to go back to my old nubs again! But I thought I could do a "track my progress" blog each week to see how well they grow back.
For a little perspective here is a before and after shot of one of my ring fingers:

And all my nubs in a pretty little row!

I will be using a combination of products; some old, tried and tested...some new and weird! I have been using a combination of OPI Nail Envy and Essie Grow Stronger for months now and it's a combination that seems to work for me as neither on their own worked. I also use Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle a few times a week. It's a serum that you rub into bare nails, or over polish a few times a week, it also helps with cuticle care. A new one I am trying is Avon  Nail Experts "diamond strengthening complex", this is a weird one for me as it looks like polish, applicator and everything, but smells strange and dried into my nails instead of onto my nail. Not sure if this works on too of polish like the Sally Hansen serum does as there were no instructions with the Avon product. 

Join me every Sunday to see how my nails are doing and some more in depth looks into my nailcare routine week by week.

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