Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year, New Beginnings!

Every New Year to me is just another day, but recent occurrences in my personal life have made me realise that if I want to achieve everything I set out in life to do I have to apply myself better. So this year I have a few goals I wish to stick to. I wont call them resolutions as we all know (oh so well) that resolutions are never stuck to.

These GOALS are:
1. Be a better blogger! I have 2 blogs, one has been neglected for about a year which is more my personal blog of being a single mum and trying to make it in life. Then there is this one, my passion for everything girly and beautiful.
2. GET A NEW JOB! My current job in retail has made me miserable, over looked, over worked and underappreciated; so I wish to find a job better suited to me. I'm not quite sure what this dream job is yet but I want to be able to spend more time at home with my daughter whilst she is still young and wants my attention!
3. Lose the weight my Dr has told me to lose in the hopes it helps relieve some of the pain caused in my back. In August 2014 I finally found out why my back was hurting me so much and what the heck was going on with my right leg. After years of being told it was sciatica I had an MRI scan which revealed I have 2 bulging discs in the Lumbar portion of my spine. One of these discs isn't currently causing any adverse effects to my nerves but the other (the lower one) is causing some nerve damage and pinching. The neurosurgeon I saw in September has suggested to me to lose 2 stone in weight to see if this in general improves my back and the pressure on these two discs. So far I have lost 1/2 a stone. Just by losing the half a stone I have seen an improvement in my general health, I can sit on the sofa for longer without it becoming painful, I can pick up my daughter without causing me tonnes of pain. It's been harder to lose any more weight than this initial small loss so I am consciously making better changes to my diet and aim to find (with the help of my older brother) some core strengthening exercises that don't require twisting in the action as this causes me to trap nerves in my back and hip.

I am also trying to separate my personal life a little better on social media so I made my old Instagram account private, and have made a new nails/beauty Instagram (I will link it everywhere you see the word instagram ;P )

I may set myself some more goals as these are achieved and as the year progresses a few more may come to mind.

So with this blog post fresh in my mind I am off to update my CV drink another few pints of water before bed and keep my mind positive for the weeks ahead.

Plus here are some pretty things I bought myself for an early birthday present...

3 Azature's from Selfridges sale. Christian Louboutin Polish. Models Own HyperGel. Plus some make up goodies for review!

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