Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Skincare Products!

Little post today, about skincare. 

I have sensitive skin which makes buying things difficult. Add into this that my skin flips between being dry one month to oily the next. It's very frustrating! 
I've bought a few things to try as I've heard great things about them. Lately my skin has been so dry it's been a nightmare for my make up and by lunch time my foundation is patchy. So I was in Tesco earlier and I saw neutrogena products were on sale so decided to try the pink grapefruit face washes. 
First impressions they smell amazing and as strange as it sounds my skin feels cleaner and my pores less blocked!

And there's this range Tesco has (I use the make up remover wipes from this range already) and decided to try the day and night cream from this also. 
First Impressions cute packaging, although I wish the day and night creams had slightly different packaging! The wipes have a pleasant smell but the creams not so much! 
I used my neutrogena scrub and day cream at lunch time. Applied my make up and a good 6 hours later no patchiness! 
I'll be using the facial soap in a minute and my night cream and see how my skin is in the morning. 

I also bought some micellar water as I found it got to take my eye make up off easily and had ran out of my old one!

I'm hoping to do an update in about a week to see how my skin has improved!