Friday, 22 August 2014

Where Has This Year Gone?!

Well first of all I must apologise for being AWOL for pretty much the majority of this year. I just noticed my last blog post was back in February. How embarrassing.
There's been a few reasons why I haven't been great at blogging the past 6 months.
1. I was looking to move house back in Feb and I actually moved 21st April into my new place. This was so much harder than I ever expected as I had been told by Dr's and my physiotherapist to not do any lifting or twisting. Well as a single mum I had to pack up the old place pretty sharpish! So I was a bit naughty then. My new place is also up a couple of flights of stairs. Again not great for me and my back. I had help the 1st two days in varying degrees from my older brother, stepdad and my dad but the third day I was left to clear the last of the stuff from my old property and make good the walls etc with a 6 year old to entertain too! Took me a long time to recover after moving and I'm still slowly unpacking now!
2. Writers block and lack of space. Due to the move I didn't have an area to do my nails or even a space for my polish. It actually spent the best part of a week in my car downstairs!!
3. My back. Due to a combination of pain and painkillers I've either been too unwell or too uncomfortable to blog or to sit and do my nails. I actually had an MRI scan a few weeks ago and received my results this week. I have vertebrae out of alignment and 2 bulging discs, one of which is causing nerve damage. This makes it very uncomfortable for me to sit in any position for any period of time and I generally am propped up in bed as it's comfier than the sofa/chair. I've been referred to a neurosurgeon and now it's just a wait for my appointment to come through. There's only really 2 options; surgery, or regular injections. As there's no hospital near me that can do this I'm actually hoping surgery is an option.

Anyway. I'm hoping to be more active on my blog now things are a little more settled and hoping I can do nail art a bit more often (even if it's not the most intricate of designs!)

Until next time!