Sunday, 12 January 2014

More Stamping Shenanigans!

What do you do with yourself when you can't sleep? Paint you nails? No? Just me?
Well last night my daughter decided that she didn't want to go to bed, and finally passed out around midnight. Which meant that I was up late and over tired. Which led to some nail art. 
I've been trying to get through my untried polish each time I do something with my nails and this mani combined Essie Butler Please and Miss Fancy Pants (both untrieds) and Nails Inc Westbourne Park. 

Essie Butler Please has been a lemming of mine for a while, it's a gorgeous blue. But I am not a fan of the application. It was very thin to apply, although it does give good colour in the end I did have to apply 3 coats!! Miss Fancy Pants is a perfect nude. I have LOTS of nudes and this was great in 2 coats. Adding this to my trusted nudes!

Think the hardest part was choosing which stamp to use!
I had just bought several new plates from MoYou London and wanted to use a new image. The Suki plate was definitely calling to me and I chose the middle image above. (I wanted to use the fairytale collection but out of principal I'm not using those yet...I'll explain at the end!)

This was my finished mani! I knew I wanted holo stamping over the blue but became stuck when it came to the nude. I couldn't decide between blue or holo stamping. Took me 30 minutes to decide! Glad I went with the blue though!

And because I can and because I LOVE to macro all the polish here's a few close ups to show the details of the stamp I used. 
I love this image, looks like a fingerprint on my nail, with a cute little heart detail!
And Westbourne Park is THE perfect stamping holo I own. The holo is so dense you get a perfect image in the one coat (which is needed when stamping as you can't do a second coat easily!) 
This picture I purposely took slightly dark so that the holo and stamping detail could be seen. This is probably my favourite image out the lot of them! 

Love the overall look of this mani. It's clean and simple yet not plain and boring!! 

Oh and as I said earlier in this post I have some of the Fairytale Collection from MoYou London too. But they were sent without sleeves, I had no idea they wouldn't have them until they arrived and was a little annoyed to say the least. I then emailed customer services to which their reply was "when you place your next order send us an email and we will include the sleeves" I do not think it's fair I've paid full price for half an item to be delivered and then being told to spend more and I will be sent something I should've been sent originally anyway? Not cool MoYou, not cool. I have emailed them again saying I won't be placing an order again for a while and want the sleeves to be sent out right away, but after reading others comments on MoYou's (lack of) customer service, I'm not holding my breath for a reply or even the sleeves. It's this experience that has put me off buying from them in the future as nothing was said about lack of sleeves at all and the first I knew about it was half a product turning up at my door. And their reply was a little rude to be honest (and they didn't even get my name right in the reply email!!!)
Anyway...I digress. 

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