Monday, 18 November 2013

"Sensible" Nails Needed

So, I had a job interview today, and am writing  this sat outside my daughters school to pick her up. 
On Sunday I was struggling to choose what to do with my nails for my interview, I knew it was with a man but I didn't want to have bare nails but still wanted something nice and, well, sensible! I couldn't decide colours or even a brand to use! So I decided to choose what I was going to wear to see if that helped. I manage to find a top and trouser combo I was happy with so then sat down to think nails again. If you follow me on IG and have seen my nail racks you can probably tell why I was having trouble choosing!
Anyway my trousers are black and top red with off white stripes I couldn't find a colour close enough to the off white so I decided to focus on the red. This is where I hit a stumbling block again, red is my most owned and used but what made it slightly easier is that two of my racks are in bags at the minute while I redecorate the racks. So if the colour I wanted wasn't on top I chose something different. 
I found one of my new Barry M Matte Reds which was a very good match to my red stripes. This on its own is sensible yes but it's also boring!! But all the red glitters I found looked to red (strange concept but you know what I mean!) then I looked in a shoe box I've been storing them in and found a Deborah Lippmann that I couldn't decide if it was purple or red, but went with it anyway. 

I did my usual nail care routine, double strengthening base coats and then two coats of Barry M "Crush" on all my nails. This was really easy to work with and fully opaque in two coats. Then on my thumbs and ring fingers I used the Deborah Lippmann "Good Girl Gone Bad" as a thin coat, and also French tipped the other nails in the same glitter. The glitter again was easy to work with and also has an almost matte finish. 
And this is the finished mani! I'm pleased with the look as it's sensible but not boring! 
The interview went well too and waiting to hear back in a little while to whether I was successful. Fingers crossed though!
Big thank you to my friend who remembered I was looking for a job and put my name forward to her manager. 

And I think the red matches in quite nicely with my top, although both totally clash with my pink coat!!

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